Free Fox




I felted, Free Fox, after a stay at, “Walks Farm”. The farm is surrounded by panoramic views ...with one leading to a small forest. A fox is often seen meandering about in long grasses early in the morning or late at night. I saw him one evening sniffing grass and looking mesmerised. He appeared to be about to catch a fly. Being far away I couldn’t quite see his prey. At the time I thought the fox was beguiled by large fluttering wings. Later I decided to felt some dragon flies and placed them near him.


I decided to felt a blue frame around the scene to capture the moment. The pale blue of the frame reminds me of photo paper which preserves memories of that beautiful view even further.


This piece is made of core wool, tussah silk, merino wool, wire and golden thread. Techniques used were needle felting, wet felting and hand stitching








Often finding myself staring into amber flames flickering from the fire at Walks farm and reminiscing over gatherings with friends at the local. And thinking about  the Stag’s head hung  over a fire place within.  I decided to felt a Stag’s head.  I tried to give the stag’s head as much character as the stag from the pub’s living room. Remembering how it used to gaze at my friends and join in with our conversations especially after wine. 


The Stag’s head is mounted on a felt covered plinth. This enables me to hang it on my living room wall. I look at it each day and remember those gatherings around the fire at my local.  Hopefully, those old inns and restaurants will never close.


Materials and Techniques The Stag is made of core wool, Swaledale roving, merino wool, wensleydale hand dyed staples, wire for the armature and a wooden plinth. Techniques: Needle felt and wire work


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Stag - Anna L Trevena
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Free Fox - Anna L Trevena