Artwork 1:  Reflections on the Canal

Inspired by the colours and reflections during a walk along the local canal. The aim was to capture the kaleidoscope of reflective colours produced by the sun's rays on the movement of the water.

Materials and Techniques

Wet felted, hand-stiched, Merino wool, Corriedale wool, vegetable fibres: bamboo and flax.

Artwork 2: Fragmented Reflections

A kaleidoscope of shapes, lines and colour inspired by reflections on The Lancaster Canal. Focusing on the reflections of intertwining tree branches, the geometry of man-made canal architecture and the fluidity of the water.

Materials and Techniques

Wet felted, hand-dyed Corriedale fibres, a range of yarns and silk fibres.

Artwork 3: Ripples

A kaleidoscope of colour and movement created by algae and ripples in The Lancaster Canal. The aim was to create rich colour contrasts to portray the surface texture of the canal and the movement of the rippling water.

Materials and Techniques

Wet-felted, needle felting, hand stitching, Bergchaf and Corriedale fibres, cotton scrim,silk fibres and hand-made silk papers

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