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Confession time: I have never felted a scene – my thing is 3D work so when my youngest proudly presented me with Moy’s latest book, I hugged him, flicked through the beautiful illustrations and put it aside. It was only when I was asked to review the book, did I seriously study it and I am glad to have done so.
This book is, to me, the ultimate instruction book on how to paint with fibre and stitch, delivered with one big hug. It’s difficult for the reader not to warm to Moy’s teaching methods. She asks you to keep an open mind while working through the book where the main aim is to introduce the reader to a new direction in their own personal creative journey. The full creative process is covered; from inspiration, observation and picture making (through sketching, painting and photography) through to colour (also mixing and blending), composition and, ultimately, the creation of the final piece. Let’s not forget mark making. Each step is supported by case studies, sketches, photos, samples and instructions (where needed). The layout of the book is well thought through and sumptuous.
The four projects presented in the second half of the book gently encourage the application of the various principles covered in the first section. They are designed to instil confidence in the artist to progress on their own personal creative journey.
On reflection, it’s like being inside the mind of an artist who is sharing and holding nothing back. The emphasis is on the reader taking on board the learning to assist in their personal creative journey so from that point of view it is an intelligent and sophisticated read.

By Moy Mackay

Published by Search Press 2019

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Level of experienceBeginner, Intermediate
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