This is a really interesting book and includes felt traditions from around the world. Felting techniques are explained systematically before moving on to felting projects Some of the techniques are out of date now, eg the use of hot water, however it’s a good book and helpful for CiFT students for the ethnic felt information. Translated from Swedish by Patrica Spark
This comprehensive book covers all aspects of feltmaking from history to technique. The historical section covers felt discoveries in Asia, felt traditions in Europe and South West Asia, Felt in the Nordic countries and felt techniques in other cultures. Choosing and preparing wool, wet felting techniques with through explanations of the process.
Three dimensional feltmaking. Simple projects. Design ideas are outdated but other wise this is an excellent book throughout. Well worth seeking out.
Hardback 152 pages. Well illustrated in black and white and colour.

By Gunilla Paetau Sjoberg

Published by Interweave Press 1996

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