Batchuluun explores the origins and semiology of Mongolian “felt culture”, discussing in turn the emergence of felt technology, contemporary feltmaking traditions and the significance of the symbols encountered in Mongolian felt embroidery.
This is an in depth intellectual study of felt in Mongolia. Not a book to be read all at one go but a fascinating one to consult and dip into. It gives an insight into the importance of felt in traditional Mongolian life. It crammed full of B/W line drawings illustrating the text. Clear diagrams of the intricate stitched patterns used in the rugs. An explanation of the components of a yurt, the importance of each part and why it is always in a particular position . An excellent glossary of Mongolian felt terms. This is for the serious student of Central Asian felt traditions.
Soft back 286 pages 12 colour plates.

By L Batchuluum

Published by Mongolian Institute of Arts and Culture, revised English translation Eric Thrift 2003

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