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As part of our AGM 2021, the International Feltmakers Association have invited feltmakers, Annemie Koenen and Ariane Mariane, to talk to our members about their practice and how it has changed over the past year. We are delighted they have agreed to do this and look forward to meeting them next month.

Annemie Koenen talks at the International Feltmakers Association AGM 2021

Annemie wants to tell you a little bit about where her roots are, and her deep connection with the rhythms and flow of Mother Earth. By nature, she is a teacher; one who empathises with those she teaches. She acquired her artistry through being a teacher. 2020 was a year of major changes and although she had always been adamant that Online Education was not for her, she became more and more enthusiastic as the year progressed. She and her students will tell you how they reconnected over time.

Ariane-Mariane talks at the International Feltmakers Association AGM 2021

Ariane Mariane is a France-based, German textile artist & teacher, specializing in wet felting and mixed media techniques since 2005. Challenged by the pandemic, she found herself forced from one day to another to jump into online teaching in order to not completely crash her business. But what first has been a challenging way out of distress, quickly turned into an amazing opportunity, business- and social- wise. In the live presentation, Ariane shares insights into her work, her teaching and the opportunities of online teaching.