3rd CorNit’s VIRTUAL Felting Camp

IFA members get a 20€ discount on the early bird price at the 3rd CorNit’s VIRTUAL Felting Camp. If you already have thought about participating, use this gift coupon code at the checkout to lower the price: IFAcamper2023

If you would like to participate in only one felting class, please use this code for a 7€ discount: IFA1course23

The discounts are valid until April 10th but the early bird price will end on March 22nd

If you already have a ticket please send an email with the subject IFA member to  and you’ll get the sum above refunded.

What is this event about? It is a VIRTUAL CAMP and not only about buying some tutorial videos. It’s about socializing, learning, and having fun together not only in the felting courses but there are other activities too. 

Please visit the website to find full details of the programme:  CorNit Felt Camp.

How to handle time zones? Don’t bother about converting because you’ll get a countdown clock for all the events.

Is there a download? YES! So no problem if you’re not available for a workshop, you can download it and the Q&A follow-up sessions too.

A 100% money-back-guarantee is also included for all virtual camps so you don’t have any risk to participating, although this is unlikely. Many IFA members attended the first two camps and highly recommend them.