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Getting Started

You can start making felt with nothing more than some bubble wrap, warm water and soap but once you've started you're likely to get hooked and you will want to experiment further.

On this page we will show different equipment or materials that can be used to make anything from basic felt to the most intricate and lacy of accessories.

From time to time we will have special offers on this page, which will be available to the members of our organization the International Feltmakers Association. To obtain these special offers and discounts simply log in to the members only section and either download the discount token or quote the offer discount voucher printed in the membership section which can be used for purchasing these items. If you are ordering by telephone just quote your membership number. To become a member of the International Feltmakers Association please enroll online on the Membership page.

To begin with, a good quality wool fibre such as Merino, Corriedale, blue faced Leicester or Falkland is ideal. These can be purchased from many suppliers who advertise either on this website, in our magazine Felt Matters or on the internet.

Specialty fibres can also make wonderful felt or can be combined with wool fibre to give a luxurious feel and a different texture. Fibres such as alpaca, angora, bamboo, camel, cashmere and silk are all available from online suppliers and World of Wool is offing a 10% discount to members of the International Feltmakers Association for the purchase of any of the Angora fibres on their website. The discount voucher and offer number for this can be found in the members only section of this website.

Hand cardersFor colour blending, hand carders are useful, or if you are working on a larger project a drum carder is a very handy tool. This will create blended batts of wool that can be used in many different ways. Wingham Wool Work offers a good variety of hand carders and drum carders for sale and are giving a 10% discount off their Standard Hand Carders. The voucher and offer number can be found in the members only section.

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