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The decision has been made to drop the discussion forum in favour of a Facebook presence. Facebook is able to reach a much wider audience than the forum and will help promote feltmaking to many more feltmakers worldwide.

There are two facebook pages.: one is the official page for announcements and official notices; the other one is the community page, which you need to request to join by clicking the button. We'll check your membership and if you are a member you get joined - remember, if you cease to become a member you get unjoined!)  

Our lively page is already well supported. If you'd like to join our members only group...

  • you'll need a Facebook account (get one here).
  • go to our Facebook group,
  • check you're logged in and
  • request to join.


We're on Facebook!

Please note: the Facebook team can only help you join the group if you login and apply from within Facebook.
  However, if you have any general queries about our Facebook presence, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.