The IFA CiFT (Foundation) is offered by the International Feltmakers Association to encourage and develop good feltmaking.

It is available to all IFA members. If you are not a member but want to register for this course, then you need to join the IFA first.

Learning is student based which means that you follow the syllabus at your own pace and if necessary find workshops relevant to your needs.

The course is divided into five modules. Module 1 must be done first, as this is the base on which everything else is built on. After that there is no time limit as to when you work on the other modules, as long as you let us know that you still want to be kept on the register.

Although you will work on your own, at your own pace, you will send samples to be verified at certain stages of each module, and this will give you good feedback and guidance as to how to proceed. There are also mentors amongst the IFA community, experienced feltmakers, who can be called upon for advice. At the moment there are only two of them throughout the UK, but we hope to increase their numbers in the coming year.

For everyday support, exchanging ideas and hints there is an IFA CiFT students group on Facebook; this is a closed group, where the students can post pictures of their latest items, ask questions, help each other, and feel more connected with other felters, rather than working in isolation.